Case Study

A central banking-solution for Kreditech

More efficiency and lower costs:

This is the outcome of our successful collaboration with the financial service provider Kreditech Holding SSL GmbH. The following case-study reports on the challenges we mastered with the help of ennoxx.banking as well as the improvements kreditech has made in their workflow as a result.


About Kreditech


„Improving financial freedom for the underbanked by the use of technology“: According to our mission the kreditech-group provides access to credit for people with little or no credit history. The digital and international operating Fintech has developed a unique technology for scoring customers within less than one minute. Based on this scoring technology the company offers in its five subsidiaries located in Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Mexico and Spain several ways of funding for the underbanked.

„ementexx delivers what they promise: Within a short time, they implemented a central banking-solution, which matches our existing systems ideally. As a result of the optimised workflow we speeded up our processes and reduced our costs.“

Stefan Kreiling (Vice President Payment, Kreditech Holding SSL GmbH)

Our starting position

case study kreditech starting position

Founded in 2012 Kreditech increases their numbers of clients constantly as well as their volume of credit. Through operating in different, international financial markets outside of Germany, Kreditech faces an additional challenge: In their subsidiaries, which is only doing end customer business, Kreditech uses different payment service providers (PSPs) for the payment and repayment of credits. Banks are used for the administrative payment transactions. Because of the proprietary formats and communication channels any different PSPs and bank has got, a separate interface in the back-end-systems is needed for each. A resource- and time-consuming workflow is the consequents.

Our goal

case study kreditech goal

We planned on a consolidation of all different payment services in only one central solution to save time and money in the future. In doing so we optimised the banking-processes in two different ways: Within the company as well as on our customer’s side. Thanks to the implementation of SEPA transactions and debits our customers benefit from faster transactions as well as from a higher reconciliation-quote. As a result, our clients can be happy to take advantage of the more efficient workflow. Furthermore, Kreditech includes their CRM-system in their central solution, to guaranty a trouble-free process in all SEPA transactions.

Our solution

With the help of ennoxx.banking we mastered the assigned tasks within only three months. An optimised workflow and lower costs are the result of our work:

  • Use of ennoxx.banking as a central hosted payment- and banking-solution
  • Individualising and Customising to Kreditech special requirements
  • Automation of all core processes
  • Conversion of individual data from JSON-format to ISO 20022 and the other way round
  • Plausibility checks and automatic authorisation of payments
  • Connection to Banks and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) via EBICS, SWIFT and individual communication channels
  • Automatic reporting to backend-systems
  • Alerting at reaching minimum account balances and at exceedance of individual payment limits
  • Complete mandate management including an automatic interface
  • Individual encyption of the data exchange between Kreditech-systems and ennoxx.banking
kreditech case Study solution

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