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„Banking simply better“ is not only our claim but our business philosophy as well: Our mission is to make our customers banking-processes better, more efficient and more cost-saving. We’ve got over 10 years of experience in supporting our customers with competent consulting, reliable services and individual solutions. Find out more about our interesting projects, which we have realised for our pleased customers.


ennoxx.banking as central banking solution at Galeria Kaufhof

matthias beinhorn galeria kaufhof

In view of the usage cycle of one of our banking products, we made the decision to switch to a central solution in future. In addition to providing the technical requirements and support of our processes, ennoxx.banking also fulfils our desire for bank independence and individual expandability.

Matthias Beinhorn
(Head of Accounting, Galeria Kaufhof GmbH)

Our Customer

Galeria Kaufhof - The European Omnichannel Warehouse: Based in Cologne, the company stands for the tradition and future of the European retail store. Founded in 1879, the company offers its customers an inspiring shopping experience in 96 stores throughout Germany - characterised by quality, service, advice and innovation. The product range, which contains hundreds of thousands of individual items, ranges from fashion, shoes, handbags, beauty to home, sports and toys. The stores in prime downtown locations as well as the mobile and online services complement each other to create a comprehensive shopping experience.

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Our solution

  • Use of ennoxx.banking as central banking solution for the accounting, treasury and human resources departments
  • ennoxx.banking as interface between the internal accounting systems and credit institutions via direct connection via message queues and ennoxx.FileExchange
  • By using the cloud variant of ennoxx.banking: independence from the customer's internal infrastructure, fail-safe due to redundancy and location-independent use on any end device
  • Increase Straight-Through Processing (STP), data protection and data confidentiality
  • Migration and centralization of the two banking solutions used to date in one central solution
  • Reduction of administrative and contractual expenses
  • Extensive authorization structure for the differentiation of companies and accounts as well as in particular for the processing of personnel payments
  • User-friendliness thanks to a Responsive UI that adapts to the possibilities of the end device used
  • Reduce the number of users who need access to the program by automatically sending reports via email
  • Automation of Distributed Electronic Signatures (VEU)
  • Bank independence and individual expandability


A central banking-solution for Kreditech


ementexx delivers what they promise: Within a short time, they implemented a central banking-solution, which matches our existing systems ideally. As a result of the optimised workflow we speeded up our processes and reduced our costs

Stefan Kreiling
(Vice President Payment, Kreditech Holding SSL GmbH)

Our customer

„Improving financial freedom for the underbanked by the use of technology“: According to our mission the Kreditech-group provides access to credit for people with little or no credit history. The digital and international operating Fintech has developed a unique technology for scoring customers within less than one minute. Based on this scoring technology the company offers in its five subsidiaries located in Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Mexico and Spain several ways of funding for the underbanked.

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Our solution

  • Consolidation and harmonisation of different payment systems in one central banking-solution through using ennoxx.banking
  • Implementation of SEPA credit transfers and direct debits
  • Conversion of individual data from JSON-format to ISO 20022 and the other way round
  • easier assignments of incoming payments/reconciliation
  • complete mandate management including an automic interface
  • Connection to more communication channels, data formats and countries


ennoxx.banking establishes direct SAP integration at INEOS Phenol

michael bechmann ineos

ementexx has succeeded in adapting the complex topic of electronic transactions to the individual requirements of INEOS Phenol. This has helped us work more efficiently and our employees have got used to using the new applications very quickly. ementexx certainly knows how to keep customers happy.

Matthias Bechmann
(Head of the Financial Accounting Team, INEOS Phenol GmbH)

Our customer

Aside from its production of alpha-methylstyrol and cumene, INEOS Phenol is the world’s largest producer of phenol and acetone. The company has been operating successfully since 1952 and now employs some 600 people at five sites worldwide: Gladbeck and Marl in Germany, Mobile and Pasadena in the USA and Antwerp in Belgium.

CDs, car headlights, paints and nylon are just a handful of products which are manufactured using phenol. The acetone produced by INEOS Phenol is used for the production of Plexiglas and polycarbonate as well as for solvents used in chemical reactions in medicine and food production.

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Our solution

  • ennoxx.banking operates as the interface between SAP and the bank through our direct SAP Connector
  • Boosting straight-through-processing (STP) as well as data protection and data confidentiality
  • Reducing the possibility of manipulation (fraud prevention)
  • Migrating the previously used banking solution
  • Establishing a comprehensive permissions structure, particularly for processing payroll payments
  • Internal use of ennoxx.banking via web applications as well as on mobile devices
  • User-friendly interface thanks to the familiar online user experience (UX)


Installation of electronic banking-systems at the “Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG”

uwe fehr V5

The good advice and the great know-how of ementexx enables us to provide our customers with excellent service and efficient banking-processes. Since 2013 we trust in the uncomplicated collaboration and the reliable service of ementexx.

Uwe Fehr
(Department manager "Electronic Banking Support", Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG)

Our customer

For more than 90 years the “Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG (BfS)” finances facilities, organisations and companies working in German social- and health-economy. They are operating from 16 different location, placed all over Germany. Following kind of institutions belong to their cliental: Hospitals, ambulant and stationary facilities for elderly people, disabled aid, social institutions for kids and teenagers, rehab hospitals and any other organisation working in social- and health-economy.

Our solution

  • Installation and implementation of the offered electronic banking-systems in all “Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG” customer-systems.
  • Conversion of all BFS-Online.PRO customers to BFS-windata
  • Intensive and individual customised trainings for the users of these electronic banking-systems
  • Development and realisation of made-to-measure solutions
  • Continuous maintenance of the electronic banking-systems as well as regularly operated updates
  • On-site and remote support
  • regular consulting
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