Working from home during the crisis: The coronavirus crisis is forcing companies to work in separate locations

The current crisis, triggered by the coronavirus, is forcing companies to rethink many areas of their business. This includes the possibility, or rather the necessity, of working outside the designated workplace and working together virtually. This challenge can and should be seen as an opportunity to change the future direction of the company, as it can provide lots of advantages if implemented correctly.

In many non-production-based professions (information workers), it is now possible to work independent of a fixed location. Some people have already made use of this and aligned their lives accordingly, referring to themselves as “digital nomads”.

Prerequisites in the following topics have to be covered in order to enable location-independent, virtual work.

First of all, working from home should be seen as an enrichment in companies rather as the place where you do little bit for the company and more for yourself. In addition, as a company, you should refrain from measuring performance based purely on working hours and focus more on the work results. To achieve this goal it is vital for employees and management staff to have the right mindset. Working together in virtual teams must be based on motivation and trust.

If the above points are met, the infrastructure used must also be geared towards remote working. So it makes no sense (as we currently often see) to give employees a laptop and a mobile phone if they cannot use them to access the necessary information and systems. In addition to virtual phone systems and VPN access to the company network, cloud solutions are particularly advantageous in this regard. To use them, all you need is internet access and the necessary access information/media.

Companies that have already prepared themselves for remote working are benefiting from this now more than ever. We at ementexx have also been working remotely for a very long time and have consistently aligned our entire infrastructure to fit this approach:

“That’s why we have no restrictions whatsoever in maintaining our business operations, in our availability or the provision of our services such as operation, implementation, consultation, software development and support.”

Customers who use the cloud solution of ennoxx.banking also benefit from being able to use their banking solution from anywhere in the world and the ability to work remotely.

Perhaps we should look at the current crisis as an opportunity to make remote, virtual collaboration the norm, even after things return to normal.

Stay healthy!

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